NTTCC Kartini Cup 2016 Team Donations

Cricket equipment a big boost for cricket in Nusa Tenggara Timor

You should have seen the smiles on the faces of the women from the NTTCC and their coach Zack when we presented them with the donated cricket equipment at the second Kartini Cup held in Bali from 28 to 30 March 2016.

The equipment they have been using up until now is very old and very basic so being able to give them a range of different bats, pads, balls and helmets should improve their cricket and their safety.

Cricket in Kupang, West Timor can be challenging at the best of times. During the dry season, games are usually played on soccer or athletics grounds with makeshift pitches covered in a piece of carpet. As a result the bounce can be very variable and sometimes dangerous. A decent set of pads and a helmet will be appreciated.

We have realized however that we need to find smaller, lighter bats and pads for the women if we can. Most of the equipment we have had donated so far has been second hand men’s equipment and although it is lighter than what they have had up until now, it’s still too heavy and large.

Thanks to everyone who has donated equipment. It is really appreciated but keep looking as we need more. Any size bats but we are particularly looking for kids bats, or smaller sizes such as harrows.

Cricket at Stadium Oepoi 2016

New cricket equiipment

Cricket at Stadium Oepoi 2016 3

NTTCC Kartini Cup Wicket Celebration

NTT women’s cricket on display at the 2016 Kartini Cup

What a great tournament! This was the second time the Kartini Cup has been held and it was a tribute to the organisers from the Udayana Cricket Club. Over three days from 28 to 30 March 2016, ten women’s teams from seven Indonesian provinces played Super 8 cricket in Bali and our team from NTT was one of them.

Drawn in a group with Badung, Central Java, Jakarta and the Red Ants, a Balinese team from Gianyar, NTT was extremely competitive.

Game 1: Badung made 87 runs with the loss of 1 wicket. NTT bowled too many sundries (38). NTT made 77 runs and lost 2 wickets with only 17 sundries bowled by Badung. The message was clear. You can’t afford to give the opposition 37 extra runs and win.

Game 2: NTT made 76 runs for the loss of 3 wickets. Central Java made 56 runs with the loss of 2 wickets. NTT wins!

Game 3: NTT made 54 runs with the loss of no wickets and Jakarta replied with 56 runs and the loss of 3 wickets. Once again sundries were the difference with NTT bowling 17 and Jakarta 15 but this was a huge improvement.

Game 4: NTT makes 60 runs with the loss of no wickets and the Red Ants reply with 45 runs for the loss of 4 wickets. NTT wins again!

Unfortunately two wins were not enough to progress to the cup finals however the team learnt a great deal about competition play. They also showed that they are not far off the rest of the women’s teams in Indonesia. Jakarta, the team that beat them by 2 runs went on to win the competition and Rosita Yohanes from NTT won the best batting award for the tournament.


Rosie receiving best batting awardRosie receiving the best batting of the tournament award.

The NTT team was;
NTTCC Kartini Cup 2016 Team Donations
L-R: David Christie, Soni Hawoe, Eras Djogo, Bruce Christie, Tom Vowles, Chris Schofield, Zack Awang, Yeri Rosonga, Ibu Rosie, Apolonia Meo
L-R: Maria D. Melda, Yorthina Lakfanu, Dejoice V. V. Padokari, Yuliana Naimuni, Rosita Yonaes, Boni Melda Sir (C), Quistin B. Mira, Adelfina Maonmuti, Maria G. Linome
Coach: Zacaria Awang
Managers: Pak Eras Djogo and Ibu Rosie

2016 Wine Raffle Winners

A big thank you to everyone who contributed and purchased tickets in our 2016 Wine Raffle! We raised $1,100 with the money used to send the NTTCC’s Womens team to Bali in April and compete in the Kartini Cup. The women played well, improving each game and were unlucky to miss out on a place in the finals on run rate. We’ll post a full report on the website in the coming days.

And now to the winners of the Wine Raffle!

First Prize: Tim McRae

Second Prize: Hugh Millar

Third Prize: Martyn Jeggo

Buy a raffle ticket and help some young West Timorese women cricketers!

NTTCC Wine Raffle
First Prize:
Hewitson, Private Cellar Shiraz Mourvedre, 2010, Barossa Valley – Magnum 1.5 litres ($250.00 RRP*)

Second Prize: Robertson of Clare, Max V, 2009, Clare Valley – 750ml ($75.00 RRP*)

Third Prize: Bloodwood, Chardonnay, 2006, Orange – 750ml ($25.00 RRP*)

Ticket Price: $1.00

Prizes Drawn: 25th March 2016. Individual winners will be notified by email or SMS. Results will be published on the NTTCC website. (

How to buy tickets: Tickets can be bought online through our PayPal account. To do so just click the “Buy Raffle Tickets” button, and you will be taken to our Paypal site. Simply enter the number of tickets you wish to purchase in the donation box and follow the prompts. In the comments put “Raffle Tickets” with your contact details so we can email you copies of your raffle tickets and notify you if you win.

Alternatively you can contact either Bruce or David Christie directly and we will sort you out.

Proceeds from this raffle will be used to fund the development of women’s cricket in NTT.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Bruce Christie – President NTTCC (International Chapter)


NTT Cricket in Timor Express

NTT Cricket in the Timor Express Newspaper

The NTTCC has made it into the local papers in preparation for their attempt at qualifying for the Indonesian Games in 2016. A qualification competition will be held in October this year. Below is a rough translation of the article. A better translation will be provided shortly or should you wish to view the original article in Indonesian it can be found here.

NTTCC at Oepoi Stadium

NTT Cricket Prepares Athletes for Indonesian Games Qualification

Cricket in NTT is a new sport. However, this sport, has proved capable of competing at the national level. No one if Pengprov Criket NTT prepare athletes to compete in the Pre PON PON 2015 and qualify for 2016.

Cecum Pengprov Criket Ambo NTT NTT Criket coach who accompanied Zack Awang when met on the sidelines of this newspaper Criket team training NTT in Kupang Oepoi Stadium, Friday (15/5) then explain that in April, precisely on April 3 to 7, the team Criket NTT both men’s and women included in the Bali Six’s Cricket Championship 2015. In this championship, followed by 8 teams daughters while men 10 teams. The result NTT daughter cricket team ranks third and ranks third son.

When faced with DKI B, trim son NTT managed to win 52-49, then lost to a team cord 71-51. Defeat also obtained when faced Exclusive P with a score of 31 off1 -79/2. When faced with the Australian Cricket team, Lake Grace, NTT also suffered a 59-60 defeat off1. But when faced with NTT Kaltim back to win 61 off1-39off1. Last dipertandingan NTT again meet DKI B, and lost 57 off5 – 61. Lake Grace Criket own team emerged as champion in the championship, followed by Jakarta and NTT rated rated second and third. In addition, the team also included NTT Criket daughter Kartini Cup championship in 2015 and is ranked fifth. DKI Jakarta emerged as the champion followed Gianyar ranked second.

Last year, NTT daughter cricket team is also included in the first Cricket Championship held in Jakarta, and NTT women’s team won third place. In addition, the U-15 National Championship beberaa athletes NTT received awards, including best Bowling in the name Maxi Koda, and Kris Toda was elected as a player in the championship, which the referee who led the game comes from Australia and Pakistan.

NTT Criket participating teams in two championships, is one of the programs carried out to prepare the team Criket NTT follow Pra PON.

“NTT has a chance to qualify for the PON, if it is able to maintain its ranking was achieved in Bali Six’s Championship,” said Ambo.

“We will focus in the next four months to prepare the athletes sons and daughters to compete in the Pre-PON Criket in West Java in 26 to 30 October 2015,” he continued.

Ambo also admitted, if the sport Criket a new sport in the province and not too over familiar people and exposed widely. “But the team never represent Criket NTT Indonesia follow Cricket Championship in Australia,” he explained.

Still according to the Ambo, because Criket recently joined NTT NTT KONI, then the entire cost to attend Pre-PON will be on the full responsibility of the board and also the participation of the host.

“We hope, could eventually contribute Criket medal for contingent NTT. Now we will endeavor to get through first PON. With the results achieved in the championship yesterday NTT would be very calculated, “close Ambo.


NTTCC competes at the 2015 Bali Sixes and Kartini Cup

Over the Easter long weekend the NTTCC fielded a men’s and women’s team at the Bali Cricket Sixes and Kartini Cup respectively. This was a major achievement for Zack Awang and his players who along with some financial help from Australia, sold water and flowers in Kupang to raise sufficient funds to allow the two teams of 10 to travel to Bali to compete. For the Men’s team this was their first competition, while for the women their second having competed in the first Indonesian Cricket Championships last year.

The Bali Cricket Sixes has been held annually over the Easter long weekend since 1997, and this year a total of 12 teams competed. The NTTCC’s first game was against DKI Jakarta B one of two DKI Jakarta teams competing at this years Sixes. The DKI Jakarta teams were coached/captained by one of the NTTCC’s original cricketers Yeri Rosongna (from Alor, NTT) and Fernandes Nato (Flores, NTT) another cricketer from NTT who now spends his time coaching and developing cricket elsewhere in Indonesia. In their first competitive game the NTTCC Men were victorious against DKI Jakarta B winning 52-49.

Following their early victory the NTTCC faced Sanur Cricket Club and Xclusive People, both local Bali sides made up mainly of expatriates. Sanur defeated the NTTCC 71-51, and Xclusive People were the victors in the third game defeating NTTCC 31-79. Following the group stage of the competition NTTCC went into the Plate finals.

Lake Grace Cricket Club from Western Australia was the NTTCC’s next opponent defeating NTT 59-60, before the NTTCC secured its second win of the competition, defeating Kalimantan Timur Cricket 61-39. Kalimantan was captained by Bernardus Elly (Rote, NTT) another of the NTTCC originals. In their final game of the competition the NTTCC again faced DKI Jakarta B. This time DKI Jakarta B ran out the victors 57-61. Lake Grace CC were victorious in the Plate Final with DKI Jakarta second and the NTTCC third. Sanur were victorious in the Cup final against GMIS Jakarta.

Following the completion of the Bali Sixes, the Kartini Cup was held over the two days following the long weekend. Eight women’s teams from throughout Indonesia competed, with DKI Jakarta emerging victors over Gianyar. The NTTCC womens team narrowly missed a place in the finals on count back to Udayana. THe women had their first win against Red Ant and finished the competition in fifth.

Unfortunately the ferry that was to take the teams home broke down and they had to borrow Rp12,000,000- to buy airline tickets to get home. Thanks to Udayana Eco-Lodge, Jimbaran and Alan Wilson for lending them the money. The team is working to raise the money to pay back the debt.

Photos from the competition can be found in the Photos section of the website.