NTT Cricket in Timor Express

NTT Cricket in the Timor Express Newspaper

The NTTCC has made it into the local papers in preparation for their attempt at qualifying for the Indonesian Games in 2016. A qualification competition will be held in October this year. Below is a rough translation of the article. A better translation will be provided shortly or should you wish to view the original article in Indonesian it can be found here.

NTTCC at Oepoi Stadium

NTT Cricket Prepares Athletes for Indonesian Games Qualification

Cricket in NTT is a new sport. However, this sport, has proved capable of competing at the national level. No one if Pengprov Criket NTT prepare athletes to compete in the Pre PON PON 2015 and qualify for 2016.

Cecum Pengprov Criket Ambo NTT NTT Criket coach who accompanied Zack Awang when met on the sidelines of this newspaper Criket team training NTT in Kupang Oepoi Stadium, Friday (15/5) then explain that in April, precisely on April 3 to 7, the team Criket NTT both men’s and women included in the Bali Six’s Cricket Championship 2015. In this championship, followed by 8 teams daughters while men 10 teams. The result NTT daughter cricket team ranks third and ranks third son.

When faced with DKI B, trim son NTT managed to win 52-49, then lost to a team cord 71-51. Defeat also obtained when faced Exclusive P with a score of 31 off1 -79/2. When faced with the Australian Cricket team, Lake Grace, NTT also suffered a 59-60 defeat off1. But when faced with NTT Kaltim back to win 61 off1-39off1. Last dipertandingan NTT again meet DKI B, and lost 57 off5 – 61. Lake Grace Criket own team emerged as champion in the championship, followed by Jakarta and NTT rated rated second and third. In addition, the team also included NTT Criket daughter Kartini Cup championship in 2015 and is ranked fifth. DKI Jakarta emerged as the champion followed Gianyar ranked second.

Last year, NTT daughter cricket team is also included in the first Cricket Championship held in Jakarta, and NTT women’s team won third place. In addition, the U-15 National Championship beberaa athletes NTT received awards, including best Bowling in the name Maxi Koda, and Kris Toda was elected as a player in the championship, which the referee who led the game comes from Australia and Pakistan.

NTT Criket participating teams in two championships, is one of the programs carried out to prepare the team Criket NTT follow Pra PON.

“NTT has a chance to qualify for the PON, if it is able to maintain its ranking was achieved in Bali Six’s Championship,” said Ambo.

“We will focus in the next four months to prepare the athletes sons and daughters to compete in the Pre-PON Criket in West Java in 26 to 30 October 2015,” he continued.

Ambo also admitted, if the sport Criket a new sport in the province and not too over familiar people and exposed widely. “But the team never represent Criket NTT Indonesia follow Cricket Championship in Australia,” he explained.

Still according to the Ambo, because Criket recently joined NTT NTT KONI, then the entire cost to attend Pre-PON will be on the full responsibility of the board and also the participation of the host.

“We hope, could eventually contribute Criket medal for contingent NTT. Now we will endeavor to get through first PON. With the results achieved in the championship yesterday NTT would be very calculated, “close Ambo.

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