Progress to Date |

Following the meeting in April, 2014 a sponsor has funded a full time coaching position allowing one of our ‘originals’, Zack Awang to move back to Kupang. In August 2014 Zack returned and since then he has made good progress in re-establishing cricket in Kupang.

  • Introduced cricket to 4 primary schools, 4 junior and 4 senior high schools,
  • Established a male and female provincial team,
  • Negotiating with the Provincial government seeking funding and support,
  • His budding cricketers are raising funds to support the club by selling flowers and water,
  • A male and female team travelled to Bali in April, 2015 and competed for the first time at the Bali Sixes and Kartini Cup respectively. A full report of the trip can be found here. Unfortunately the ferry that was to take the teams home broke down and they had to borrow Rp12,000,000- to buy airline tickets to get home. Thanks to Udayana Eco-Lodge, Jimbaran and Alan Wilson for lending them the money. The team is working to raise the money to pay back the debt.

Equipment remains a problem. We are looking for support to buy new or obtain second hand equipment. Thanks to Helen Scott-Orr for taking some equipment to Bali where Zack Awang and Soni Hawoe were able to retrieve it from the authorities after it didn’t make it through with Helen’s luggage.