The Plan |

Established in Kupang, West Timor in 1996 the Nusa Tenggara Timur Cricket Club (NTTCC) is the home of Indonesian cricket. This was the first club in Indonesia to include Indonesian players many of whom have gone on to become coaches employed by the ICC as cricket development officers teaching other Indonesians across the archipelago to play and understand cricket. Unfortunately in order to spread cricket across Indonesia, the ‘originals’ had to leave where it all started and cricket in Kupang and NTT had almost disappeared. That is until a meeting in Bali in April 2014 where the ‘originals’ and their original coaches and mentors pledged to reinvigorate cricket in their home province.

NTT is the closest Indonesian province to Australia and one of the poorest. Australia has a proud reputation of working in this province to improve living standards and cricket has been and can continue to help into the future, building cross cultural understanding and friendship, and assisting to raise the educational standards of its people.

Our Goals

  • Introduce cricket into schools in the provincial capital of Kupang, before expanding to other parts of the province.
  • Develop cricket for males and females at all levels.
  • Send a mens team to the Bali International Cricket Sixes annually.
  • Send a womens team to the Kartini Cup annually.
  • Send both men's and womens team to the Indonesian Games (PON) in West Java in 2016.
  • Develop cricket and educational scholarships for the children and young men and women of NTT.

Regardless of their eventual involvement with cricket, their opportunities for employment will improve significantly if we can achieve this.